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— by Kristine Kristine
There are people that have advanced copies. I really wish I had one x_x If I still volunteered at the library, I'd have one. I got to read Everwild that way months before I could actually buy it. The typos made me cringe and sometimes cry (lol English major problems), but it was fantastic. I want Unwholly now. Now, now, now.

Neal, you'll be my #1 Favorite Author (OVER J.K. ROWLING, SO THIS IS BIG, OKAY) if you send me one. I'd be more than happy to give an early review XD

But um anyway. I'm actually hoping we get a whole new cast. While I think Risa and Connor should play smaller parts, I do want to know what's up with Lev. When will/did he leave custody? What did he do afterwards?